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Localization Service

Adapting the product to make it discoverable and understandable. This involves making content, the product and the website (as well as any marketing materials) in the preferred language of that market.

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Localisation is a process of adapting a content or product to a specific region or country. It involves a study of the target culture to correctly adapt the product to local requirements or market.

Localisation can be of written content, video, voice overs, Graphics and design, training modules etc. It aims to have a cultural acceptance of the productor content, as if it is designed for that specific target group or market.

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•  All types of Voice over localization
•  ELearning localization
•  Live Video/multimedia localization
•  Animation videos localization
•  Subtitling localization

Localization a process of adapting a product or content to a specific locale or market. Translation is only one of several elements of the localization process. In addition to translation, the localization process may also include:

•  Adapting graphics to target markets

•  Modifying content to suit the tastes and consumption habits of other markets

•  Adapting design and layout to properly display translated text

•  Converting to local requirements (such as currencies and units of measure)

•  Using proper local formats for dates, addresses, and phone numbers

•  Addressing local regulations and legal requirements

The aim of localization is to give a product the look and feel of having been created specifically for a target market, no matter their language, culture, or location.

The localisation process is most generally related to the cultural adaptation and translation of software, video games, and websites, as well as audio/voiceover, video, or other multimedia content, and less frequently to any written translation (which may also involve cultural adaptation processes). Localisation can be done for regions or countries where people speak different languages or where the same language is spoken. 

Language localisation is the process of adapting a product that has been previously translated into multiple languages to a specific country or region. It is the second phase of a larger process of product translation and cultural adaptation (for specific countries, regions, cultures or groups) to account for differences in distinct markets, a process known as internationalisation and localisation.