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For a film, a visual, dubbing is one of the most essential parts. The science of dubbing is that when a film or a visual is complete, and is edited with the final cuts, there comes the time to add in the dialogues and sound effects, all of which are added at the dubbing.

Now this is the place where all the magic happens! The dialogues are given voices, they are acted out, the small detailed sounds are added that give the story a definition.

Here at SoundMagix, you are at the right place!

With the best equipment and the right people on the job, we make sure that your project is completed with precision, and delivered on time.

Our studio space is designed by experts that ensure optimum results. We cater to all the particular dubbing requirements of all our clients with a vast artist database.

Let us give your videos the very best sound effects, here, only at SoundMagix Studio.

Our Services include-

TV Commercials-         

TV Commercials are the best ways to advertise your products and reach out to people. Once the commercials are shot, the most important thing comes in the play that is dubbing in multi languages for the commercial. With our best artists and equipment, you can leave the worries behind and be assured of the precision in project completion.

Digital Ads-

Digital Ads are the ones that are featured on YouTube and other digital platforms. With the rise in the digital platforms, one can simply not ignore the up and about digital platforms and miss an opportunity to advertise on them. We at SoundMagix give your videos the perfect dubbing so that you can run your campaign without a fault for viewers of many languages.

Short Films-

Be it the upcoming directors trying their hand at film making or well-known personalities making their stories come to life in front of the cameras; editing, direction, and with it another important aspect comes that is dubbing. You need not worry! SoundMagix Studio is here with you at your every step. Our best in class dubbing studio makes your stories even livelier!

E-Learning Videos-

In these hard times, the educational system has shifted to online learning. This has surely given rise to many e-learning platforms. Teachers are now using this technology to reach to their students. And all of this has made people much more aware and advanced in the use of it. We at SoundMagix are here to support this rapidly growing generation. E-learning companies can now shoot their videos and bring it in for multi language dubbing at SoundMagix Studio..and Voila!

Documentaries and Walk Through-

College projects, or a small time hobby, or even commercial, documentaries are much hyped these days. Even when you are shooting, and done with it, it still needs a voice that tells the people everything. SoundMagix Dubbing Studio is the place you are looking for then! Our best equipment and post production ensure that your documentary is loved by all.

Animation and Cartoon Films-

A graphic designer, a motion graphic designer and the script writer all of these people take tremendous efforts to make a simple drawing come to life. But this film then needs a voice and sound effects to be complete. We at SoundMagix are proud to give justice to your film and make it the best!

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