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Thanks to the technology take-over, e-learning is really a need of the hour today. From schools to academies, to YouTube, every teacher is finding a way to broadcast their teachings and help as many students as possible. But when it comes to voice over for e-learning modules, the basic phone speakers or headsets just don’t suffice. There could be disturbances that could hamper the quality of teaching and thereby learning.

The professional dubbing studio of SoundMagix gives you the best quality voice-over services for your e-learning modules. If it your first time producing an e-learning module, or even if you are familiar with the entire process, SoundMagix makes sure to give your content an upper hand with our best in class studio and equipment.

Our service offerings include-

E-Learning Modules for Educational Institutions-

Attending to hundreds of students in a batch during online classes can be troublesome. Many educational institutions have gone for recording the modules and playing it to the class. To make it perfect, you need to have the best quality voice-overs. With the best artists, who are affluent in paraphrasing, pausing and giving the content a clear tone, we at SoundMagix present you with the best voice over and dubbing that is easily comprehensive for the student.

Corporate Training Modules-

Large organizations usually train their new employees with training modules. These training modules are specific to the department and certain services. Since these modules circulate to everyone from employees to those in the managerial positions, it is utterly important that they are accurate and without any errors. At SoundMagix, it is our responsibility to present you with the apt voice over for the training modules.

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