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We are intended to be a professional and imaginative setting in which performers might feel inspired. The audition studio on rent, which is flooded with natural daylight, has art models acoustic studio taping chambers, two couches, an open-air work area, a break area, and more. Castings, auditions, rehearsals, courses, events, and other activities can be held in a single room or the full studio on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis.

Extremely light editing, such as deleting stumbles and pickups to make a full take, is included; however, merging takes from picks or more advanced editing, as well as completing the final delivery for the customer, are not included.

Delivered files will be a tightly integrated take or split takes decided during or after the conference and must be finished within the time allotted. Any time spent editing or uploading that extends over the allotted recording time will be invoiced.

The Great Room has the most seating capacity, with up to 50 seats. It has fixtures, a 40″ flat screen monitor installed on the wall, and a raised 15 1/2′ by 9′ stage. This adaptable facility is usually utilised as a large classroom for various programmes, but it is also regularly booked for viewing parties, table reads, and affiliate workshops. Local film firms rent and repurpose it as well, and it is frequently fully modified and recreated to meet individual production demands.

Our small On-Camera Room is mostly used for on-camera technique courses, audition tapes, rehearsals, and private coaching. The area has a 38″ wall-mounted, spinning flat screen display, is soundproofed for cameras, and is professionally lighted with video-friendly China ball lighting. This multipurpose area also has a raised 11 1/2′ by 12′ stage and seating for up to 20 people.

Not only does Space City supply all of the necessary equipment, but we can also give additional assistance to ensure that your time in the shooting studio runs as smoothly as possible. We have in-house staff that may be hired for a charge if you require a marathoner on the day. If you also need a film and/or photography crew, we offer a large pool of reasonably priced freelancers from which to pick. In addition to our casting studio, we have two properly equipped audio studios in London that can be booked by the hour, half-day, full-day, or week. In addition, our Edit Penthouse studios are available for hire. Our skilled studio engineers can also assist you with recordings, processing, and sound design. Our casting studios also serve as a filmmaking and photography studio.

We provide free registration to aspiring actresses and models and assist them in connecting with glamour models and talent agencies all around the world. We do not collect a registration or take a commision from our on-board actors and models. After your profile is complete, we will send you daily free audition updates. Under one roof, we bring together an entire team of shooters, studios, make-up artists, talent management, and production house tie-ups. We provide modelling opportunities for children, teenagers, and adults.

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